What We Do

Keyholding and Maintenance

When unoccupied we inspect your property on a regular basis. We air all  rooms, check the integrity of electricity, gas and water systems, and the tightness of windows and doors. We test alarm systems and time- or motion sensitive external lighting installations, we open the taps and flush the toilets. After storms or heavy rain, we undertake a separate review. Cleaning, minor repairs and small painting jobs are carried out by our own team, for special jobs we have an extensive network of experts.

Pool Service

We keep your swimming pool clean and clear, so you can enjoy the cool water without hesitation! Regular cleaning and checking and optimization of water quality, maintenance of the filter system. Tailored according to  season and use, in the summer bathing season intensive and several times a week, in winter more economically in larger intervals.

Garden Maintenance

We clean your outdoor areas and terraces at regular intervals, if necessary, with high pressure cleaners.  Every area of your garden, each plant receives from us the necessary individual care, watering, fertilizing, pruning. We cut your hedge and mow the lawn.

Guest Hospitality

Do you rent out your property? We take care of your holiday visitors ! We welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable in your house. We are on call around the clock, ready for advice about  trips and restaurants and help in an emergency or with translations. Of course, we offer final cleaning and laundry services.

individual Service Plans

Please contact us for a customized service package that meets your needs. Whether you just need  bi-weekly ventilation and inspection of your property or a complete service plan including guest hospitality, we have the perfect package for you!